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Review: Human Nature

Human Nature by Jason Halstead This book had me at post-apocalyptic. I admit, I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories whether they’re books, movies, or just a good yarn. Now, Human Nature didn’t have Kevin Costner, but it was still a … Continue reading

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Review: State of Disgrace

State of Disgrace by Linda Ann Rentschler Mary Beth Everitt is not your average Catholic school girl. Although she’s plagued by the usual guilt and fear of judgment, she doesn’t quite rebel the way most do when they graduate from … Continue reading

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Review: Irish Fling

Irish Fling by Valerie Douglas Ali Dearborn escapes a bad breakup and bad work experience by traveling to her late mother’s home country, Ireland. In this every-girl’s-fantasy type of story, a chance encounter leads Ali into the arms of her … Continue reading

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Review: Paging Aphrodite

Paging Aphrodite by Kim Green Four women, unlucky in love and searching for some TLC (tender lovin’ copulation that is), find exactly what they need while on vacation on the Greek island of Corfu. Only two of the women know … Continue reading

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Review: Sail Beyond Tomorrow

Sail Beyond Tomorrow by Doug Welch Modern but mystical, Sail Beyond Tomorrow tells the story of two parallel romances: professors Susan and Richard and their widowed parents, Nate and Kathy (respectively).  Welch does an excellent job developing two very different … Continue reading

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Review: It’s My Wedding Too

It’s My Wedding Too by Sharon Naylor Let me first advise any who want to read this book to pick up the eBook version instead of the paperback. For some reason, my paperback copy was delayed from Amazon and I … Continue reading

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Review: Valley of Silence (The Circle Trilogy #3)

Valley of Silence (The Circle Trilogy #3) by Nora Roberts SPOILER ALERT (this is book three of a trilogy, read the other two reviews first, or just go read the books already) The final book, Valley of Silence. Words cannot … Continue reading

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Review: The Unwilling Bride

The Unwilling Bride by Candy-Ann Little I’ll start this review by saying that I’ve never read an inspirational romance before and I had some preconceived notions about the genre that kept me away from it. That said, Candy Little’s debut … Continue reading

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