Review: Paging Aphrodite

Paging Aphrodite by Kim Green

Four women, unlucky in love and searching for some TLC (tender lovin’ copulation that is), find exactly what they need while on vacation on the Greek island of Corfu. Only two of the women know each other from before, and even they are only acquaintances, but all four end up fast friends and support each other while they figure out their lives and loves.

Parker – A high-stress, high-living, high-society-ish interior decorator whose husband of just a few days leaves her so he can volunteer in a third world country. Without letting her know first. She’s fine and she doesn’t know why everyone keeps asking her if she’s ok, and would someone hand her that little bottle over there so she can take a few pick-me-up pills? It’s NBD, really. (uh-huh)

Anya – She’s convinced that she’s cursed in love when all she really wants to do is settle down with a nice man and get married. She starts out seeming a bit forgettable, but she’s definitely not.

Claire – What to do when your husband of 20-some odd years cheats on you? Go to Greece and revive that singing career you gave up when you got married, obviously. It helps that in the right light she looks 30 instead of, um, older, with two grown sons.

Kelah – The aspiring writer who is really trying waaay too hard to produce a masterpiece. Really, she just needs to loosen up. And get laid. And write something that someone actually wants to read instead of what she thinks will impress her mother. Cuz she’s got some mommy issues, and she’s awful at romantic relationships.

The beginning of the book was a little confusing since each chapter is told by one of the four main characters. But Green does a good job of it and after the first couple of chapters you get in the swing of things and it turns into a really nice read. The chapters are pretty short and the writing style is light and interesting, while making sure that each character has a unique and believable “voice.”

The Three R’s

Rating: PG13 for language and some blunt descriptions of male bits and pieces.

Recommendation: A great light read for someone that doesn’t have time to read but really wants to. I was able to read the book in several short sittings while being bombarded with a couple of really busy weeks. Frankly, it’s a great book to keep in the bathroom for those couple-of-minute visits. Just sayin.

Re-read: Probably not, but your friends will love it when you pass it on!

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