Review: Sail Beyond Tomorrow

Sail Beyond Tomorrow by Doug Welch

Modern but mystical, Sail Beyond Tomorrow tells the story of two parallel romances: professors Susan and Richard and their widowed parents, Nate and Kathy (respectively).  Welch does an excellent job developing two very different relationships and balancing the attention between them. From the passionate love of Susan and Richard, the reader gets a deep, involved romance.  And from the second-time-arounders Nate and Kathy, we see hope for the painful and challenging later years, when mortality seems to play a bigger role than discovering romance.  Still, these four characters each have something to share with the reader and each has his or her own lesson to learn.

Add to the mix a plot riddled with past demons coming back to haunt our heroes, plus an ancient foretelling that may (or may not?) come true… Sail Beyond Tomorrow gets you thinking and feeling all at once.

The Three R’s

Rating: R, for complicated themes and some intense intimacy… nothing raunchy, but it will get you to pay attention!.

Recommendation: This tale is not what I’d call a “light” read in that the themes really make you think. It’s a quick read for it’s length and fast pace. Anyone open to reading about love unfolding through the good and bad times… this is worth a look.

Re-read:  You may want to skim it again to study the nuances of development, but this isn’t one that has to be re-read.  You’ll get what you need from the first reading, then pass it on to a friend.

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Stephanie is a freelance writer, novelist, and mother of two children.
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