Review: Human Nature

Human Nature by Jason Halstead

This book had me at post-apocalyptic. I admit, I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories whether they’re books, movies, or just a good yarn. Now, Human Nature didn’t have Kevin Costner, but it was still a really good story. Dawn Vincent, aka the Doctor, is one of a handful of people left on Earth that survived an alien attack. (I know! There are aliens!) Most of the aliens have left, deeming Earth unworthy of their attention, but they left a few stragglers that are causing trouble. You know, like killing and eating the humans. And not necessarily in that order.

The real theme in this book is growth. The human race is growing stronger against the aliens. As she works on patching people up, Dawn grows

more confident in herself and her skills – both as a doctor and as a leader. And, an unexpected love grows between Dawn and ________. Well, I can’t give it away, can I?

The Three Rs:

Rating: PG13 for some violence, medical show type ickyness, and suggestive behavior. They fight aliens, get hurt, she does doctor things to patch them up (gag, but that’s just me), and the romance never really gets past second base.

Recommendation: I really liked the book. The main focus is on Dawn herself, so even if you’re not in to post-apocalyptic books but you like strong female characters you may want to give this one a shot.

Re-Read: I haven’t deleted it off my reader yet because I may go back to it later when I need a post-apocalypse fix and don’t feel like watching The Postman or Legend. I’d definitely recommend it to a friend – they just may need to get their own copy!

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