Review: Irish Fling

Irish Fling by Valerie Douglas

Ali Dearborn escapes a bad breakup and bad work experience by traveling to her late mother’s home country, Ireland. In this every-girl’s-fantasy type of story, a chance encounter leads Ali into the arms of her hunky, Irish-accent-wielding fling: Aidan. These two make lots of heat between them, sizzling right off the page (or the eReader screen, as it were.)

In any event, just when you think these two are separated forever, Douglas brings her lovers together again. Of course, heartbreak colors their new interactions and we’re left to wonder if the damages are repairable or not. After all, Ali’s got a thick-skin from a life full of heartache. And Aidan’s got a serious problem with balancing his personal life with his work. Will they be able to come together against the odds?

Toss in a murder plot just for kicks (and to heat things up again) and Irish Fling is the kind of story you just can’t put down. Douglas draws the reader into her story with powerful characters, punchy dialogue, and a well-crafted tale. Sit down and start reading, you won’t want to get up until you’re finished.

The Three R’s

Rating: R, for Red hot! Sexual tension crackles off the page and the love scenes are… well.

Recommendation: Crack this one open when you’ve got the time to read at length. It’s hard to leave this tale and concentrate on “normal” things.

Re-read: I can see myself re-visiting this one when I need to read a good, smokin’ hot love story. For now, I’ll just recommend it to my friends.

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Stephanie is a freelance writer, novelist, and mother of two children.
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