Review: It’s My Wedding Too

It’s My Wedding Too by Sharon Naylor

Let me first advise any who want to read this book to pick up the eBook version instead of the paperback. For some reason, my paperback copy was delayed from Amazon and I ended up cancelling the order in favor of a digital version. No idea why…

But in any case, this one’s definitely a fun read! Right away, Naylor’s prose hits you with lots of humor and plenty of sarcasm… something I am always in support of.  When this poor bride is battling not just her overbearing mother, but also her overprotective future mother-in-law, for control of her wedding, you won’t be able to put this book down. Emilie and her beloved fiance Anthony do their best to stay diplomatic, but eventually, even these peace-keepers must take back the reins to have the wedding they wanted.

In the midst of all this wedding planning, there are also so poignant family stories being told, exposed, and resolved.  From an estranged father to a second-choice marriage, the parents of the bride and groom have their fair share of heartbreak coloring their everyday lives. Emilie and Anthony have to find a way to navigate all these emotions (and all these egos) on their way down the aisle. I feel for them, I really do.

The Three R’s

Rating: PG-13.  There’s some swears and some “love making” alluded to in here, but it’s not really a sexy, sultry story at all.  This is much more about making a marriage than doing the nasty.

Recommendation: A nice, light read that’s bound to make you feel better about your own nightmare wedding story… or anything else really. You’ll find characters you relate to without getting too bogged down by a sad, tragic storyline. Don’t worry, the good guys win… sorta.

Re-read: Not sure that it’s necessary. Swap this one with friends or pick it for a book club (like we did)… and that’s about that.

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Stephanie is a freelance writer, novelist, and mother of two children.
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