Review: Lover’s Veil

Lovers’ Veil by Eldritch Thorn

Woah, mama. I know that the book description said hardcore erotica, but even still, I was a bit surprised. And super hot-and-bothered.

This book has got it all – a solid plot, sex, adventure, sex, interesting characters, sex, romance, sex, good triumphing over evil, sex… Well, you get the idea. A human prince falls in love at first sight for a fairy princess. Trying to convince himself she was a dream, but convinced she must be real, he ends up crossing through the Veil to her world where he helps to save her from peril time and again.

The Three R’s

Rating: Um, is there something past XXX? No? Then XXX it is. But it’s still classy-ish. Nothing kink.

Recommendation: Don’t be fooled by the common misconception that erotica relies on sex to distract from a poor plot – because Lovers’ Veil has a great fantasy plot and lots of action. (of both kinds, wink wink) I definitely recommend it if you like fantasy and you like erotica. If you don’t like erotica, don’t read this. Your head will explode.

Re-Read: Um, yeah. Yes, I will be. Under the blanket where no one can see me, but I will definitely re-read.

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