Review: The Lost Girls

The Lost Girls by Jason Halstead

Kat, a cop with some major attitude, is working a hot case – women are going missing in Phoenix and the case is becoming personal. Judging by the steady increase in attempts on her life, she’s close to solving it – if she can only manage to stay alive.

I love me some action and suspense, and boy does this book have it. Close quarters fighting, bullets flying, creeping around in abandoned warehouses, bodies piling up… the only thing it was missing was a high-speed car chase, but that doesn’t exactly work so well in book form so I’ll let it slide. (Jason, you should totally put a car chase in your next book) AND it’s set in alternative universe/futuristic Phoenix to boot. I’m totally lovin’ that.

Not only is Kat fighting to save the lives of these missing women, she’s fighting to save her own – literally and figuratively. Between getting almost-killed a few times, she’s nursing a giant chip on her shoulder that’s majorly interfering with her settling down with a nice girl. (Though that certainly doesn’t keep her from doing some major flirting…) She’s also got some issues cropping up from her past that are keeping her from being able to enjoy the life that she has.

The Three R’s

Rating: R for violence, PG-13 for action and romance. There’s a good bit of nudity (apparently Kat thinks best in the nude), boobies, and some references to personal attention being paid to oneself in the bathtub. And did I mention there’s a hooker?

Recommendation: I absolutely recommend. If you’re into action movies (I LOVE action movies) and/or cop shows (hells yeah) and/or alternative universe/futuristic novels… well, you’re totally in luck.

Re-read: I’ll definitely be re-reading this one!

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