Review: Love by Design

Love by Design by Liz Matis

In Love by Design, Liz Matis tells the story of former party-girl turned successful interior designer Victoria Bryce. As the co-host of a design show (think Trading Spaces), she’s in need of a new partner… apparently on camera and off. Enter “saucy Aussie” Russ Rowland and the sparks are flying. But Victoria and Russ have both their egos and their pasts to get past in order for something like this to work. Before you know it, this sizzling pair have a laundry list of reasons not to be together.

Although you may find yourself rolling your eyes at their transparent resistance from time to time, Matis’s characterizations never fail to be realistic. Don’t we all make excuses for ourselves not to do something we know is good for us from time to time? And given how much is at stake for these two, especially the stripper scandal (you’ll see), it’s no small wonder that they’ve got to think twice.

But with all that chemistry Matis flawlessly cooks up between them, yikes! There are some truly spicy scenes in here that won’t leave you doubting the perfect pairing of these troubled characters.

The Three R’s

Rating: XX. There’s a LOT of reference to a certain, ahem, member of sizable length. Not that this is a problem, it just makes this book unsuitable for young’uns. Oh, and there’s the smokin’ hot sex, too. Don’t hold this book too tight–you’ll burn your fingers.

Recommendation: Read this one if you need some warming up this winter. No joke. It’s also the perfect just-before-bedtime reading, if you’d like some nice, sultry dreams. If you’ve got some friends who like a good down-and-dirty love story, share it. Or, at least, recommend they buy their own copy.

Re-Read: Totally worth it.


About Scarlett Stevens

An author of erotic fantasy and romance, Scarlett Stevens loves adventure, the outdoors, and living life to the fullest. Stay tuned for information on her forthcoming novel.
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5 Responses to Review: Love by Design

  1. Liz Matis says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Love By Design! Thanks.

  2. Nice review. Best wishes, Liz.

  3. I haven’t read Love By Design Yet…. But I have Playing for Keeps on my Kindle. Can’t wait to read both! Congrats on a great review, Liz!

  4. Liz Matis says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

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