Review: The Forgotten Child

The Forgotten Child, by Lorhainne Eckhart

I must admit, Lorhainne is fast becoming a favorite of mine. She has an easy writing style that makes for a quick, light read. This book is no exception, and it took me just a couple of evenings to finish.

Emily ends a loveless marriage and leaves her emotionally abusive husband, taking their young daughter with her. (yay for leaving the SOB!) Luckily she has a good friend who is super supportive and pushes her to stretch beyond her comfort zones – leading Emily to apply for and land a great job as a cook/nanny. A live-in cook/nanny where room and board is included for her and her daughter, and she still gets a paycheck on top of that. Dude. I want that job.

But, things aren’t that easy. The boss is a single dad, Brad, who runs a ranch, he’s emotionally distant, has a super-bitch estranged wife, and is in denial that something isn’t quite right with his three year old son. Of course sparks start flying no matter how much they try to fight it. It also turns out that Emily and Brad make a really good pair once they start actually talking for reals and get on the same page. Then the estranged wife comes back into the picture and the claws come out… I’m talking some major drama.

Spoiler Alert: The subplot with the son, who is autistic, is very touching. I love that she falls in love with the little boy who isn’t hers by birth but who she comes to care for as her own.

The Three Rs:

Rating: NC17 for some nudity and descriptions of bits and pieces. The sexual tension is tighter than those jeans you keep in the back of your closet (you know, the ones that will fit if you just lose a couple pounds), so even though the love scenes are relatively few the romance factor is high.

Recommendation: Even though I wanted to slap the main character a few times and tell her to grow some effing balls, it was a really great read. BTW, she eventually starts standing up for herself, so be patient. While the overall plot is a little far-fetched (like it should be, because who really wants to read about a normal person’s day) the daily grind and the small details are very relatable and real. As a mom I definitely found Emily’s dealings with the kids as something that I could relate to.

Re-Read: Possibly, I haven’t decided yet.

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