Review: Candles on the Sand

Candles on the Sand by Katie Stephens

For the ultimate in “post breakup recovery” stories, pick up a copy of Candles on the Sand. In this contemporary romance novel, Stephens tells the story of Anna, an English woman who finds herself running to Italy after discovering her fiance cheating on her with her own friend! A strained relationship with her mother sends her over the tipping point and, just two months before her intended nuptials, Anna’s starting a brand new life in another country. Quite by accident, too!

A series of truly fortunate events helps her to establish a new home, many new friends, and even sparks a new flame… one she isn’t sure whether to tender or not, given how jaded she now is about love. But Dante isn’t just any other guy. Rather, he’s a tall, dark, and handsome Italian who certainly wants to spend a lot of time with her. Oh, and he’s also technically her boss. So… oops.

In Candle on the Sand, Stephens weaves an involved tale with lots of nice, neat ends tied up for the reader. You’ll truly fall in love with these characters and quite possibly the setting of Anna’s new life in Italy. I know I want to visit!  Thanks to a well-told tale full of humor, poignant moments, and real emotion, this book stands out among the women’s fiction and romance I’ve read (or devoured) lately.  Pick up a copy for something heartwarming that’s sure to life your spirits!

The Three R’s

Rating: This one gets a solid PG, for some language and suggested sexual content. There’s nothing raunchy or erotic about this book, but the love story is all you’ll need anyway.

Recommendation: Again, this is the perfect read to warm your heart. I recommend it as a winter-time read to help distract you from that horrid weather outside.

Re-read: I could see myself revisiting this one day, but I’m not sure I need to. One read through is enough for this book to work it’s magic.


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