Review: Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True by Kristan Higgins

I have to come right out and admit that I’ve got a soft-spot for this talented contemporary romance author. From her quippy dialogue to her pitch-perfect love scenes, I just can’t get enough of her writing.  I haven’t reviewed her here before (no less than a travesty, I realize) and so I’ve decided to start with my very favorite of her extensive catalog: Too Good To Be True.

In this sweet and spicy romance tale, Grace Emerson is a woman torn apart by an ex-fiance but determined to move forward with her life. Even when he starts dating (and soon proposes) to her younger sister. If she didn’t love her baby sister so much, she might actually be mad.  Instead, she licks her wounds privately and forges onward… by making up an imaginary doctor boyfriend to keep her family quiet.  Makes sense.

But when smoking hot Callahan O’Shea moves in next door, who is clearly Mr. Wrong, Grace’s plans seem to go to hell. Suddenly the perfect made-up Mr. Right seems wrong. And a man that’s totally all the wrong things is making Grace all tingly inside. If she can survive all the awkward moments between them, maybe she’ll be able to sort it all out for herself… Maybe.

The Three R’s

Rating: PG-13. This one’s not too racy, but there are some “scenes.” It’s more the sexual tension that really drives this book forward.

Recommendation: Read it! Share it! But get it back! Because…

Re-read: You’ll definitely want to revisit this one every once in a while.  It’s one of those books that helps you really believe that love conquers all. And who doesn’t love that?


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Stephanie is a freelance writer, novelist, and mother of two children.
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