Author Profile: Doug Welch

Chatting with us from Pacific coast of Southern California is author Doug Welch, whose novel Sail Beyond Tomorrow was reviewed here not too long ago. Happily married and still in love for over thirty years, Doug is the father of three girls or, rather, “three wonderful people whom [he] loves beyond words.” Recently retired, Doug writes novels in his spare time, keeping him from completely vanishing from society. His early thoughts to write hard science fiction evolved slowly to include elements of romance. Now, Doug writes sci-fi, paranormal romance, and straight romance, but refuses to classify himself as just a one-genre writer in anticipation of some “way-out stuff in the future.”

In 2010, Doug got his first inspiration to write. As he discovered that he’d run out of books (and ebooks!) to read, he realized that if he couldn’t find anything to read, he’d better write something for himself. His first book, Shadow Games, as the initial result, published in October 2010 on Smashwords. Since then, Doug has written three more books—a prolific author indeed!

So where do all of his ideas come from? Doug says he dreams in Technicolor, with lots of mysterious themes and characters thrown into the mix, and sometimes the dreams linger. When they do, he starts to write about them and the story evolves into strange places he hasn’t planned to go. As a result, Doug’s writing skirts around the typical sci-fi and paranormal cast of characters to explore new concepts that open up new ideas to him. Writing stories the way he likes to read them, Doug’s novels were a learning experience in themselves, but have paid off brilliantly as he develops his craft.

Doug shared these words about his trial-and-error approach to becoming an author:

“The whole experience has sometimes been embarrassing (like for instance when a reader in a review points out that you made a rookie grammar error), but mostly very rewarding. At last count over sixty thousand people, all across the world, from nearly every country, have downloaded and read my first book. While it’s nothing like the success of other self-published authors, I’m encouraged by the results and eager to write all the other books parked in the back of my mind.”

His latest release, Sail beyond Tomorrow is a combination of the end-of-the-world controversy sparked by the supposed end of the Mayan Cycle in 2012 and Doug’s desire to “write what you know”. Although the book began as two separate love stories, one appealing to the forty-plus generation and one appealing to the twenty-plus generation, Doug eventually decided to weave the two threads together into one story.

Sail Beyond Tomorrow is available on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple iTunes Bookstore and Amazon

Coming soon, look for Doug’s novel Shadow Spies, the sequel to Shadow Games, planned for a release this fall 2011. The series is planned as four books with Shadow Twins coming in late 2012 and Shadow Reflections in early 2013. Doug also has plans for two more “killer books” to be written when his skills are honed and sharp and a major revision to his free book Reality Plague.

For more information and the latest news from Doug Welch, read his blog, check out his website, and find him on Facebook!


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