Author Profile: Katie Stephens

This weekend we’re visiting with Katie Stephens, author of the recently released Candles on the Sand. As a contemporary romance and chick lit author, Katie lives in Camberley in Surrey in the UK with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters. Candles is her first published novel.

Katie’s writing journey began four years ago when she enrolled in a creative writing course. Instantly hooked, Katie used the time away from her two young children to explore her own creative side and pen homework assignments that would later become Candles on the Sand. As a lifelong story lover, Katie says her inspiration evolves when she lets her characters take her on their journey.

In Candles on the Sand, Katie tells her story on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, where Anna has gone to escape her cheating fiancé and domineering mother just eight weeks before the wedding. By chance, she winds up in San Lavello, a small fishing town where Anna finds a new home, a new job, and some very special friends.  Even better, Anna begins to discover who she really is and, with the help of her new friends, begins to live the life she’s always wanted for herself. When San Lavello comes under threat, Anna must help to save the town.

Find out for yourself where Anna’s journey takes her with an ebook or paperback copy.  You can order copies of Candles on the Sand at,, Smashwords, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble.

Coming soon from Katie, a second novel… this time set in Kenya!

Learn more about Katie Stephens on her website! You can also follow her on Facebook or on Twitter @KatieStephens69.


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Stephanie is a freelance writer, novelist, and mother of two children.
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