Review: The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey

It’s not easy being a princess in a fairy tale – especially when you’re beautiful, intelligent, and of marriageable age. Best case scenario: you’re walking along and fall madly in love with a handsome, intelligent, compatibly aged prince. Worst case scenario: you die in a really horrible way. In this land The Tradition (this unthinking, omnipresent, magical force) will make you follow a Traditional path whether you want to or not.

Rosa (unlike many princesses) is well versed in The Tradition and its many ins and outs, so when she’s chased down by the Huntsman and “rescued” by seven dwarves she thinks she knows what she’s getting into. But the dwarves are far from friendly, and the resident fairy godmother needs to step in and save the day. And save it again. And again… always in an intelligent, and often amusing, way that will satisfy The Tradition and keep the Kingdom safe.

Mercedes Lackey is one of the best fantasy writers, hands down. Her Fairy Godmother series, of which this is book five, is no exception. Like most of her other series, there is magic and strong female characters. Unlike her other series, the Fairy Godmother series is really quite cleverly amusing. She dedicates The Sleeping Beauty to Terry Pratchett in the hopes that one day she may come a little closer to his adept use of humor. Honestly, she’s doing a very good job – her writing style in the Fairy Godmother series is like Pratchett-light, and does a good job at being lighthearted and fun without being a comedy and still maintaining the fairy tale that is the heart of the story.

The Three R’s:

Rating: G I’d feel completely comfortable reading this out loud to a child. The kid wouldn’t get most of the humor and a lot would go right over their head, but the whole good-triumphing-over-evil and Princess falling in love with a Prince business would keep them entertained. This is a classic fairy tale romance where love comes out on top.

Recommendation: If you even remotely like fairy tales, you should read this. It’s intelligent, funny yet classic, and has a great plot that keeps you on your toes.

Re-Read: I plan on it!

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