Author Profile: Lili Tufel

Chatting with us from Miami, Florida, this week is author of the romantic thriller Sand, Lili Tufel. As she looks forward to the release of her novella “Letters from the King” later this year, she took a moment to answer some of our questions.

A writer for all of her life, Lili says she loves to tell stories. Writing novels is just another way for her to share stories with others, and in February 2011, she published her debut novel, “Sand.” In this novel, Dallas, a Special Forces Lieutenant, promises to protect the Colonel’s daughter (Abby) from an opium drug lord. Torn between his duty and his love for Abby, Dallas soon discovers that love may be at risk. The drug lord’s charming and murderous son has befriended Abby… but Dallas will do anything he can to protect her.

“Sand” is available from Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords as an eBook for all standard eReaders. International readers can also find it on Amazon UK or Amazon Germany! Look for our forthcoming review of Lili’s first novel, right here at Love on the Bookshelf!

Stay tuned at Lili’s blog for more information about her upcoming novella “Letters from the King.”  In this romantic thriller, King Johann has been taken hostage in secret. His seal is being forged to incite a war. The king, pressured to write proof-of-life letters to his queen, hides a secret message in the love letters. The queen embarks on a journey to find her husband.

Also on the horizon is “Palms,” the story of a high-profile kidnapping. When a famous Piano-Man’s daughter is  kidnapped by the Farc, a dangerous group of Guerillas in South America, she quickly finds out that one of her captors — Ex-Navy Seal, Anthony Mangiaracina — is not who he seems. This story is also coming soon from Lili Tufel!

For more information, join SAND Facebook fans at: Or follow Lili on Twitter @Lili_Tufel


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