Author Profile: Tracey Jane Jackson

This week we’re hanging out with Tracey Jane Jackson, out in the Pacific Northwest, where she lives and writes her time-travel romance series set in the Civil War.

Having already plunged head-first into this series ourselves (read the review of The Bride Price, #1), we’re big fans Tracey’s deftly crafted series. Modern characters traveling back to Civil War era US and rediscovering or finding love? Sign us up! So far, Tracey has released 5 books in this compelling series, but has written 8 books total in her three years of penning novels. Next to come is #6 in the series, The Bride Star. Look for this to add to your eReaders just in time for Thanksgiving!

So where does all her Civil War expertise and inspiration to write come from? Growing up in New Zealand, Tracey first discovered her love and passion for the era (and Abraham Lincoln) from her American father… who lays no claim to influencing her. Tracey has always felt she was born in the wrong place at the wrong time, so strong are her ties to this historical period. A love of horses and riding, cultivated by her grandfather when Tracey was just 4, seems to support this theory. This intimate understanding of and connection to horses is another key feature of Tracey’s writing, as fans will know.

Because she couldn’t actually escape to the 1860s, Tracey soon learned to write about it as an outlet. Instead of going herself, she sends character after character into her favorite time and place and gives them a love story as true and rich are her own real-life, gooey-in-love romance with her husband of seventeen years. Although she says it took her a while to get started writing these novels, she just can’t seem to stop!

And we don’t want her to, anyway!

You can find the Civil War Brides books at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. Visit Tracey online at or follow her on Facebook or Twitter @trixiejaxn.


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