Review: A Ripple in Time

A Ripple in Time – Angel of the Titanic by Julia Hughes

Before you pick up this book, you’ll need to put down your preconceived notions of time travel, ripple effects, and the paranormal. Hughes makes her own rules for these things, leaving much to be wondered at, but the effect is a tale filled with twists, turns, mysteries, and really, really strange stuff.

When two people’s dreams entangle 100 years apart from each other, history gets rewritten. A passenger on the Titanic gets tipped off from Wren’s dreams 100 years later and succeeds in thwarting the disaster. The world is torn asunder into two parallel universes: what happens after the Titanic sinks and what happens after the Titanic safely docks in New York. Big changes exist between the two worlds, but Wren has to correct this mistake.

He embarks on a difficult journey where he receives help from his cousin Rhyllann (well, parallel universe Rhyllann) and the Carrie, great-great-great-granddaughter of the visionary who stops the ice berg accident. Amid all this mess, a young romance blooms between Wren and Carrie, two strangers from different worlds who know there’s no way to be together.  At least, not in that world.

What ensues is a maze of twists that will keep you reading, flying through that last 50 pages at lightning speed. In the meantime, you grow to love this unlikely trio and cheer for them every step of their unusual journey. I’ll even admit to some misty eyes for a little bit there toward the end.

If you can let go of reality to make it through this quick read, you’ll enjoy the ride for sure. Hughes displays her expert knowledge of the Titanic’s tragedy without overwhelming you with details. Her romance story line is a delicate thread woven throughout the story and tying things nicely together. And her ability to keep you guessing helps turn those pages just that much faster.

The Three R’s

Rating: PG. This is about a young love and there’s no consummation of their relationship in here, so even young adults could enjoy this read. Plus, all that history!

Recommendation: A great read for lovers of time travel or parallel universe stories. It’s not going to strike a chord with all romance readers, given it’s very specific and unusual plot line, but it’s worth a peek!

Re-read: Not needed. You get everything you need from this book on the first go around. Read, lend, and discuss.


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Stephanie is a freelance writer, novelist, and mother of two children.
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  1. Thank you so much Stephanie for your views, your observations are spot on and your readers will know exactly what to expect from from this ebook, thanks to your review. I’m happy to be in (almost) at the start of what is certain to become the must see review website for readers who love to read romance.
    Julia Hughes

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