Review: The Choice

The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart

Marcie’s got a really big problem – she just can’t remember exactly what it is. Here’s a hint to you all: The problem has a name and it’s Dan, a drug trafficker who has been using Marcie and promising her his love in return, which of course he is never going to give.

Fate, a nasty bump on the head, and temporary memory loss (as well as a few spirit guides) leads Marcie to Sam, a DEA agent who has been investigating the goings-on of the man he suspects is Dan’s drug-lord boss. Sparks fly, senses are heightened, and man, have they got chemistry. As Sam and Marcie put the pieces together (and she gets her memory back), they embark on a whole mess of intrigue that goes back generations.

The Three Rs:

Rating: NC17 for a couple of hot love scenes. She doesn’t explicitly refer to bits and pieces as I recall… but there are boobies. I’d compare it to Skinimax, but with chemistry.

Recommendation: The writing is gripping and kept up the pace right to the end. The author has great visuals and the story played out in my head a lot like a movie, which is probably why I liked this book more than the typical mystery/suspense. She leaves a few loose ends at the finish, but she promises that this is just the beginning in the series. There are some spiritual concepts at play, so if you’re super-duper religious this may not fly with  you – but I thought it rocked.

Re-Read: I’ll pass this along to a friend – after I read the rest of the series.

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