Review: Dance of the Gods (The Circle Trilogy #2)

Dance of the Gods (The Circle Trilogy #2) by Nora Roberts

SPOILER ALERT (someone dies, just FYI)

On to book two of the Circle Trilogy. In Dance of the Gods the circle of six has been formed and they are ready to kick some ass. Well, maybe not totally ready. They still need to train, both physically, mentally, and magically. Each of the books casts a different couple as the main characters (in Morrigan’s Cross it was Hoyt and Glenna), and in Dance it’s Larkin and Blair’s turn.

Blair is a modern vampire hunter (and yes, Roberts does reference Buffy when explaining what it is that Blair actually does in her “day” job) who has the tough-guy attitude down pat, and the kick-ass skills to back it up. Of course all of that hides the vulnerable romantic hiding within. Larkin is a complicated sorta guy as well – a flirt, a knight, loyal to a fault, always smiling shape shifting, golden eyed hottie. So, the sweet guy who wears his heart on his sleeve is bound and determined to get Blair to open up. In more ways than one. <nudge, nudge, wink, wink> If you know what I mean.

As for the plot – it’s even more kick ass than the first one. A friend was killed off in book one, and Roberts’ does a good job of writing realistic characters (within the parameters of the book, of course) who are reacting to an overload of stress and emotion. The circle travels through space, time, etc, to Larkin and Moira’s world, Geall, where the final war will be fought, and win a few battles along the way.

The Three R’s

Rating: NC-17+ I wouldn’t go for full on X with this… but it’s a bit heavier duty than the last book. There’s more violence, more blood, and one heck of a hot and sweaty sex scene. Think athletic, where the previous book was more candle-lit.

Recommendation: Heck to the yes.

Re-Read: Um, yeah. Like I said before, this is my third time through.

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