Review: Morrigan’s Cross (The Circle Trilogy #1)

Morrigan’s Cross (The Circly Trilogy #1) by Nora Roberts

You know, I have trouble trying to describe this series. Not because of its depth of plot (which it has plenty of), or because of its lacks (of which it has none), but because it just kicks ass in so many ways. Right off the bat you’ve got six of the main types of fantasy characters: Sorcerer, witch, vampire, queen, shapeshifter, and Buffy. Er, I mean vampire hunter. There’s ye olde time Ireland, modern New York City, and a whole other world. There’s magic. There’s sex. There’s violence. A whole helluva lot of violence. Add to that Roberts’ obvious writing skill and passion for a good fantasy yarn (heh, passion) and you have a heck of a trilogy.

Book one of the trilogy is Morrigan’s Cross. A super sexy, tall, dark, and handsome sorcerer from olde timey Ireland, Hoyt, is charged by the goddess Morrigan to save all of the worlds from destruction via vampire. Specifically Lillith, the queen of the vampires, who has spent the last few thousand years building a massive army to take over the worlds. Yes, worlds, plural. He is to gather the circle of six who will stand against Lillith and defeat her. Awesome.

Even more awesome is when he’s sent forward in time almost a thousand years to modern day NYC to recruit his brother, who is a vampire. Cool, right? As Morrigan said, the rest of the circle finds Hoyt, including his lady love interest and fellow spell caster, Glenna. In true Nora Roberts’- style, Glenna is a hot, spitfire redhead. Even with an impending war, those two overcome their sexual tension and find time to do the nasty several times. Um, I mean, fall in love and consummate their everlasting devotion to each other. Several times.

The Three R’s

Rating: NC-17. There are a handful of romantic scenes where Hoyt and Glenna get it on, but it’s tastefully done and mostly focuses on the romance. le sigh Think Skin-amax level, unless you have a very graphic mind and let your imagination get away with you. The main reason I give this an NC-17 rating is for the violence. There’s a lot of blood and death and some seriously messed up psyches with the vampires.

Recommendation: If you like fantasy, and especially if you like fantasy epics, you must read this. Beware, you’ll be sucked in. The banging is not the focus of the books, rather there is a depth of romance. So I’d deem this safe for public reading.

Re-read: Abso-freakin-lutely. This is my third time through the series.

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