Review: Chasing Destiny

Chasing Destiny by Linda Eble-Swain

Although fantasy romance isn’t my typical genre of choice, I have to admit becoming quickly captivated by this unusual tale of modern-day magic and passionate romance. This story is sold as mostly fantasy, but it’s the romance that drives Eble-Swain’s characters toward their destiny on a journey well worth the ride.

SUMMARY: Rusty McCenery is the powerful witch of Avalon, living in a world much like ours, just more magical. She’s beautiful and talented, and the master of her destiny… until two men shake her very foundation with their protestations of love. Ian McAllister is as handsome and almost as powerful as Rusty, but can’t be trusted. She leaves him behind but their whirlwind romance changes her life forever.

Alex Cameron, a one-time lover who finds her again many years later, offers Rusty a very different type of love, one that helps to heal her heart.  But their world is magical and with Rusty’s great power comes even greater threats to those she loves. As an ancient curse bears down on Rusty and her family, she must come to trust in herself and also in her heart.

Eble-Swain’s storytelling is graceful and elegant, and perhaps just the way Rusty would tell her own tale. A third person narrative gives the reader insights into the major players, but the author navigates them skillfully, giving us only what we need to know when we need to know it.  And, my favorite part, the romance that takes center-stage is a powerful one that seems to jump right off the page, somehow becoming even more magical than all those spells!

The Three R’s

Rating: R, for some graphic love scenes and very intense moments that will leave you with goosebumps.

Recommendation: Fantasy fans will jump right into this magical world and devour it page by page.  Romance lovers might need to make more of a transition, but the love here takes on a life of it’s own and will see you through to the end.

Re-read: Maybe. Eble-Swain paints her picture with enough subtle elements to send you back to the beginning again for a re-read.

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  1. What a fantastic review! The time and thought you put into it is definitely something that shines through and makes the reader want to pick up the novel for themselves.

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