Review: Whatever You Like

Whatever You Like by Maureen Smith

So it was my first day with an eReader and an unlimited source of books to be instantly streamed onto it. And I found this little erotic story almost by accident with a whopping $2.99 price tag attached. Hmmm….


We start with your typical multi-hat-wearing powerhouse diva, Lena Morrison, who is an ambitious grant writer during the day and a high-profile escort by night.  Not that kind of escort, just the arm-candy kind, folks.  Her job is to be a good companion, whether that means speaking Japanese to her client’s clients or waltzing skillfully across a ballroom. Happy to be both beauty and brains, and to earn the extra income, Lena has escorted some of Chicago’s biggest names to the biggest events.

Tycoon Roderick Brand is a different story, however, and ignites a deep passion in Lena. She breaks her rule and sleeps with him in the limo. Her mind is totally blown by the most erotic night of her life, but she won’t let her lust make decisions for her and she tries to quit her escort job. Roderick, on the other hand, wants to hire her for three weeks to fulfill all his fantasies, in exchange for a million-dollar grant that will guarantee Lena a major promotion. How can she say no?  But if she says yes, will she be able to play the game and keep from falling for Roderick?

In terms of plot, this one’s a little light, folks. But be honest, you’re not reading it for plot, are you? Smith’s “naughty scenes” don’t leave much to the imagination and will definitely fulfill your urges for some hardcore erotica.  Awkward cliches aside, this is an easy, breezy read that might just give you some tingles…

The Three R’s

Rating: XX. Put this one down when the kids are home.

Recommendation: Read it anonymously on your ereader or in the safety of your own home. Parading around public transportation or the lunch room with a sexy cover that says “Whatever You Like” is as far as it gets from discreet.

Re-read: Nah, there’s no compelling reason to revisit this one once your afterglow fades.


About Scarlett Stevens

An author of erotic fantasy and romance, Scarlett Stevens loves adventure, the outdoors, and living life to the fullest. Stay tuned for information on her forthcoming novel.
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