Review: An Ever Fixed Mark

An Ever Fixed Mark by Jessie Olson

As you may gather from the book’s synopsis on the sale page, Jessie Olson‘s debut novel ventures into vampiric territory, adding a certain darkness to her classic love-triangle tale. Are vampires overdone? Absolutely. But as I found in An Ever Fixed Mark, they haven’t quite been done like this before…

SUMMARY: Our main girl Lizzie is a early-thirty-something modern-day woman who just shaved off mega pounds, thanks to a new penchant for running half-marathons.  A trip to her 15-year class reunion reintroduces her to some old high school friends, particularly the handsome and mysterious Ben Cottingham. A one-night fling with Ben turns out to be so much more than it first seems and Lizzie finds herself inexplicably fixated on the strange man from her past. Of course, the closer she gets to Ben, the more suspicious he seems. He’s got a secret that has to be told, but not in that cheesy in-the-woods Twilight-esque kind of way.

The truth comes to light and Lizzie must now learn to deal with the consequences of dating a vampire. Olson’s new set of vampire rules are clever and make actual sense and will have a profound impact on where the story goes.  When Ben’s brother Oliver enters the scene, throwing the lovers for a loop and uncovering even darker secrets from the trio’s distant (distant) past, things get really heated. Suddenly, we’ve shifted from “Oh, I’m dating a vampire and that’s weird” to “I have strange tingly feelings for two vampires and it’s giving me some serious deja-vu.”

I won’t spoil any endings for you, but I will say that as this story moves forward, Olson weaves a masterfully tangled web of deceits, past lives, mistakes, murders, and lusty vampire encounters.  Enjoy it as a guilty pleasure all you like, but An Ever Fixed Mark is a smart, clever read that will enliven the pages of your eReader.

The Three Rs:

Rating: R for adult themes, content, situations. Lots of blood-sucking, lots of sexually-charged moments, and some lesbianism…

Recommendation: Load this one up on your eReader if you want to take your love for paranormal romance to new heights. The complexity and masterful story-telling will keep you engrossed from page one.

Re-Read: Yup. This story is intricate and a re-read will only open up new twists and connections you missed the first time. Read it again, then pass it on to a friend.

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Stephanie is a freelance writer, novelist, and mother of two children.
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